2020 China Preschool Education Conference Western-Summit

The 2nd International Kid's Education Expo Chengdu

October 23rd - 25th, 2020 Western China International Expo City, Chengdu

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Kindergartens’ New Term will begin on June 8th in Xi'an


Source:Preschool Education Conference

Author:Kids Expo China-Chengdu

Since June 8th, kindergartens in Xi'an meeting the operation standards are allowed to start the new term, and below are a few notes and instructions.

Kindergartens planning to start the second semester should be strictly checked on by the Department of Education and Department of Health, and can not operate without permission.
Parents can decide whether to send their kids to kindergartens during the Covid-19 prevention and control period. And student status should be retained in the kindergartens without charging any fees for those kids absent in the new term.
Formalities of entering and leaving the kindergartens should be optimized to ensure the safety and personal health of kids. Measures of prevention and control should be strictly carried out.
Departments of Education in all districts and counties will provide guidance and training of health surveillance for kindergartens members, environment sterilization, emergency drill, etc.
Kindergartens are required to arrange the teaching plans in a scientific and reasonable way, giving primacy to the epidemic prevention. During this uncertain and unprecedented times, practical activities outside the kindergartens are prohibited.
The operation of kindergartens should be standardized and any newly added charge related to epidemic prevention and control is not allowed.
Departments of Education and Kindergartens should make great joint efforts to create a safe teaching environment for kids, like enhancing the safety management and strengthening the routine inspection, etc.