2020 China Preschool Education Conference Western-Summit

The 2nd International Kid's Education Expo Chengdu

October 23rd - 25th, 2020 Western China International Expo City, Chengdu

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Kindergartens in Guangzhou are Allowed to Begin the New Term Since June 2nd


Source:Preschool Education Conference

Author:Kids Expo China-Chengdu

According to the Notification published by the Department of Education of Guangdong Province and consented by the Covid-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control Command Office, the start date of the Kindergarten's second semester in Guangzhou is confirmed to be June 2nd.
Kindergartens meeting the operation standards can arrange the teaching plan accordingly and adjust kids' enrollment dates differently. Meanwhile parents can decide whether or when to send their kids to kindergartens. For those deferring the entrance time, kindergarten should have sufficient communication with the kid's guardians and should in principle retain the student status for the kid.